PlayBerry is an online shop for children toys, clothes and accessories to which we gave the new life. The update involved both inner and outer changes: responsive design, modern functional solutions, improved process of choice and purchase.
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Project review

  • Adapt the ready design pattern for the baby store
  • Develop the online shop on Magento Community edition
  • Integrate the social login module
  • Integrate the shop with the corporate 1C system
  • Develop the express checkout function
  • Develop user-friendly interface/usability
  • Develop unique filter system
  • Integrate the call-back function
  • Develop the news blog page
  • Develop the popular products block
  • Develop the system of online delivery cost calculation
  • Develop the system of automatic adding of presents

About the PlayBerry project

PlayBerry is an online shop where you can buy the high-quality toys and everything necessary for baby care.
We developed the project from scratch – completely changed the previous site concept, changed the design and added new features making the shopping for children quicker and more pleasant.

Examples of implementation

Responsive design

The online shop is easily read and navigated on all PCs and mobile devices.

Express checkout

The shop features two checkout options – the standard multi-staged checkout and fast one-click checkout.

Product filters

Unique filter system enables to find the required product by several parameters including information on the brands and specials.

Social login

Enables to log in the website without additional registration. You just need to specify you account in one of the social networks and you can shop and leave feedbacks on any products.

Popular products

All the peripheral pages there is the popular products block the content of which can be moderated by the administrator.

Delivery cost calculation

The website finds automatically the users’ location. On the basis of this data the order delivery cost is calculated in the cart. If the delivery destination differs from the found location, the delivery address can be changed.

Hints in the cart

When making the order the cart shows the list of products similar to those being purchased. This additional advertizing medium stimulates the sales growth.

Call-back option

The customer can always use the call-back service and leave the request for the shop manager.


Insight in the life of the shop and news posting are always good for the shop’s image and the customers loyalty.


Our certified specialists worked at this project

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