Avtoknopka is an online shop for car accessories, lighting and diagnostic equipment. The task to develop from scratch a visually simple but functionally rich website was quite familiar to our team experienced in developing various online shops for car equipment.
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Project review

  • Develop from scratch the shop on Magento Community
  • Design the mobile version for iOS and Android devices
  • Develop the one-click purchase function
  • Integrate the call-back/write-back function
  • Integrate the brands page with the selection function
  • Develop the function of products filter on the specified parameters
  • Extend the products descriptions
  • Modify the checkout page

About the Avtoknopka project

Avtoknopka is an online shop offering a wide range of car accessories, lighting and diagnostic equipment both for private customers and for the repair shops owners.
Our team developed the minimalistic in design and reach in functions website (including a separate mobile version) in total compliance with the customer’s requirements.

Examples of implementation

Minimalistic design

On the basis of the minimalistic design we developed the maximally functional website with convenient navigation and user-friendly usability.

Mobile version

A separate mobile version ensures easy reading and navigation on all mobile devices.

One-click purchase

Besides the standard purchase from the cart the customer can buy products in one click, leaving an order for the manager.

Call-back/write-back option

The customer can resolve any issue for several minutes whether it is difficulties in handling the site or with the products. You need just complete the call-back/write-back form giving the contact details.

Brands page

Besides the standard brand page the main page features the popular manufacturers block operated by the administrator.

Products filter

The products can be filtered by several categories, that can be turned on and off from the administrator’s panel. For instance at the moment the products are filtered by the price only.

Detailed product description

Besides the standard description each product page features such tabs as product video, feedback (chat with the administrator), documents, equipment interface screenshots and the package content variants.

Checkout page

One-page checkout enables to purchase and order delivery of a product just in 5 steps without leaving the page.


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