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The Magento Commerce platform is a high-end solution you can trust, specially created for serious online business.

This platform has already been chosen by thousands of successful online stores. However, besides choosing the platform itself, the key to success is choosing a reliable and responsive partner for the development of your Magento Enterprise store.

Our company offers a full range of services for the Magento Commerce platform:

Migration to Commerce

If you already own an online business, switching to Magento Commerce can bring your business to a new level. Our team of certified Magento developers can help you seamlessly switch to a new platform with minimum downtime. We understand how important it is to transfer all your existing data and functionality to your brand new Magento Commerce store without any data loss.

Our frontend developers can transfer the design of your existing store to Magento ‘as is’. Or we can create a brand new design for your Magento Commerce store. We can also re-implement any custom backend or frontend functionality, or provide you with consulting on what Magento modules to use.

The transfer of data from your existing store is also not a problem. Besides transferring key entities such as orders/customers/products, we can transfer any specific data, such as reward/loyalty points, blog articles, wish lists etc.

Complex development for Magento Commerce

In most cases an Commerce-level store includes some specific functionality. Our team can build any custom features with any grade of complexity.

You can be sure that our custom extensions will use all the power and potential of the Magento Commerce platform, and will work seamlessly.

Our quality assurance process and certified-developers team can guarantee that our extensions are upgrade-proof, secure, and developed according to Magento best practices.

Integration with any ERP/CRM/POS/Accounting systems

If you are the owner of an existing business, you probably need to integrate your online store with your existing ERP/CRM system. Or maybe you want to export your products to 3rd-party marketplaces. Definitely you need integration with fulfillment services as well. There are dozens of variants of how a Magento store can collaborate with existing 3rd-party systems.

The Magento Commerce platform includes a wide range of integration tools that allow you to configure the integration with all of the most popular 3rd-party systems. However, if you need a specific integration, it’s not a problem for us. We specialize in complex development and integration with 3rd-party systems.

These are some of the systems integrated with Magento by our developers:

  • Rakuten
  • Pricefalls
  • Overstock

Custom design for Magento Commerce

We know how to build a unique design for your store and keep all of the existing powerful functionality of Magento Commerce. Our certified frontend developers will integrate your design into your Magento Commerce store effectively and according to all Magento standards.

Our designers can improve an existing design as well. You can be sure that your store will be fully styled and attractive for your customers.

Performance optimization for Magento Commerce

Even if your store is feature rich and has perfect design, you will not succeed if your store is slow. We understand that perfectly and always build our frontend/backend features keeping in mind the performance of the store.

But if you already have a Magento Commerce website and are having troubles with performance, our specialists will perform a full investigation and will identify the performance issues in the store code or server settings.

Real experience with high-load projects allows our developers to locate and fix any problems with Magento speed.

Make your Magento Commerce mobile ready

We live in the mobile era. Everyone uses smartphones and tablets. That’s why it’s very important for brands to be mobile ready and look perfect on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

Every Magento Commerce site we develop includes a mobile theme styled according to our client’s main store style guide.

If the mobile theme is not enough for you, we can develop a fully responsive mobile-friendly theme for your store.

Magento Commerce Support

We understand that support for the store is as important as building the store itself. That is why we offer a 6-month bug-free guarantee for all our code. During this period, we will fix any bugs in our code free-of-charge.

Besides that, we also offer full support of your store, which includes a full regular health/security check of your store, fixing urgent issues and everything else needed to keep your store fully functional.

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