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Support is a key point for on-line store success. It is very important to make sure that everything is up-to-date, stable, secure, fast, and error-free.

We understand the importance of good support, and that's why we offer two support plans for Magento Community and Magento Enterprise store owners.

Our certified developers will proactively monitor the state of your store and eliminate problems at an early stage. Choose our support subscription plan to make sure that your store is in healthy mode all the time.

Standard support service

Standard support service
  • Server status monitoring
  • Magento errors monitoring
  • Logs monitoring
  • Cache monitoring
  • Database index monitoring
  • Performance monitoring
  • Immediate application of security patches

Extended support service

Extended support service

Extended support service includes all standard plan features, plus:

  • Development copy creation
  • Free Magento upgrades
  • Backup configuration
  • Malware scans and investigations
  • Anti-virus scans and investigations

Issue based support service

Besides support packages, we also offer issue-based support. If you want custom services, such as store usability analysis, ecommerce consulting, and performance optimization, we provide support service at 30 USD/hour.

Our support scheme is flexible and allows you to focus on the business itself while our specialists take care of all the technical points.

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