First Boutique

First Boutique is a shop selling exclusive collections of clothes and accessories of famous international brands. Our team developed the project from scratch and introduced unique responsive design and lots of features for comfortable online shopping.
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Project review

  • Develop the project on Magento Community from scratch
  • Develop the function of product video presentation
  • Develop unique responsive design
  • Integrate the portal with the ERP-system
  • Develop user-friendly interface/usability
  • Embed Total Look function
  • Improve the checkout page
  • Develop the warehouse management system

About the First Boutique project

First Boutique is a multi-brand boutique in Cyprus where you can order clothes and accessories by famous designers with the delivery all over the world.
We developed the large project on the Magento Community platform which strikes a balance between the presentation site and the convenient online shop which enables to buy apparel just from the latest Look Book.
MC Community EDITION

Examples of implementation

User-friendly interface/ usability

The main page is clearly divided into the sections simplifying the navigation between men’s and women’s apparel, accessories, products gallery and brands.

Responsive design

Responsive design that fits all the mobile devices’ screens both improves the company’s image and brings about additional sales made from the users’ gadgets.

Product video presentation

Besides the standard photos and description the site features the video about product.

Total Look

Enables to order products directly from the outfit gallery without opening the separate product page.

Product page

We simplified the flypage. Now each page displays minimal information of maximal use: description, product details, sizing chart and the brand information.

Checkout page

We simplified the checkout process. Now you can buy the product and pay for it on one page just in a few clicks.


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