Perry Null

Perry Null is a popular American brand of ethnic jewellery with 40 years history. Nowadays the constant changes are essential to stay at the top. We helped our client by improving and updating the online-shop.
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Project review

  • Use Ajax to update web-page elements without its complete reload
  • Responsive design – easy reading and navigation on all mobile devices
  • Develop the module for simpler checkout
  • Update the shop on Magento Community platform
  • Optimize server performance
  • Improve the interface / usability

About the Perry Null project

Perry Null is a popular American brand of ethnic jewellery founded in 1970.
The shop needed some changes to stay up-to-date and our team made them. We updated the design making it responsive & unique and developed the mobile version. We also integrated the fast checkout module which simplified the shopping process and increased the sales efficiency.

Examples of implementation

Floating cart module

This function enables to display the route from putting an item into the cart to the payment on all website pages. It simplifies the shopping process and enables the customers to choose new items and see the cart at the same time. You can hide this bar any moment or you can go to the payment page.

Responsive design

Ensures easy reading and navigation on all mobile devices.

Improved interface

Each section has its own submenu. For example, the social activity block where you can find all on-line official communities, galleries and forums dedicated to the brand.

Customer feedbackabout our work:

Thanks a million, ASTRIO!

Getting an online business presence to actually turn a profit is more work than anyone wants to believe. Having a technology partner that is responsive, experienced and dedicated is fundamentally important. ASTRIO has been this partner for us. We are very pleased with the consistent results and great work we receive from ASTRIO. Thanks a million!

– Sy Moen,

Project team:

Our certified specialists worked at this project

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