Periodically our clients ask us, what to choose for on-line business, Magento Go or Magento Community platform?

There are even some clients who already chosen Magento platform and even created design for it. However after several weeks or months of design development, it appears that they choose wrong solution, because of platform limitations or some other reasons.

Don't do the same mistake.
It is very important to carefully investigate both platforms capabilities before final choice. Right decision will save you a lot of time and resources in the future.

We prepared comparison chart, so you can easy choose what ecommerce platform (Magento GO or CE) will work perfectly for your e-business:

Magento Community Magento Go
Server limitations
HDD storage Unlimited (depends on your hosting) Limited to MAX 5 Gb
Bandwidth Unlimited (depends on your hosting) Limited to MAX 32 Gb
Platform limitations
Number of products (SKU) Unlimited SKUs Limited to MAX 10,000 SKUs
Number of admin accounts Unlimited MAX 30 accounts
Multiple languages Unlimited MAX 3
Multi-stores Unlimited Not supported
Extensions and themes
Magento Connect extensions 5000+ extensions 17 extensions in total
Magento themes Thousands of themes 45 themes in total
Payment methods You can use any payment method
from Magento Connect or any custom module
14 methods in total
How to customize? 100% open source, access to
PHTML templates, CSS, JS and XML
No access to source code.
Access to CSS, JS and admin XML only
Ability to create development copy Yes, you can create
development copy for testing
Not possible, all changes
should be implemented on live store
Maintenance and support
Ability to create a backup copy Possible Not possible
Upgrades Semi-automatic, professional support is required Automatic
Magento support Partners support, certified Magento developers Free support from Magento
Access to .htaccess Full access No access, Magento URL rewrites only
Access to robots.txt Full access Full access from Magento admin zone


If you still think what platform to choose, take a list of paper and write down all custom features that you want in your store. Show this list to your Magento developers and they will consult you what platform is better for your project. Otherwise it will be a big surprise for you that after weeks or months of design implementations, it appears that you will need to migrate from one platform to another.

Ask yourself these questions first:

  • Default behavior is Ok and you will never change it?
  • Do you plan to modify templates or CSS changes will be enough?

Magento Go is excellent for small and middle businesses.
Choose Magento Go if you are not technical savvy and you don't plan to use any extra features in the future.

Magento Community is the most popular and modern eCommerce system with big community of developers.
Choose it if you plan to customize the store and install modules that are not supported by Magento Go.

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