This article is about microservices and its using in e-commerce. The material is interesting for owners and managers of e-commerce companies.

With the traditional approach to creating single applications, any changes in the functionality of the site affect all system.

- slow development process;

- inability to update parts of the application without its full deployment;

- errors in one of the modules disable all application.

Microservice architecture is a revolutionary approach to applications development. Now they are a system of small parts and processes. Application or service is divided into many modules and components that interact with each other by the API and can be developed in different programming languages.

Every element of the system performs only one specific function. To make any changes or adjustments, it is enough to implement them on a specific section of the system.

All microservices are designed to perform specific tasks and are easily replaceable. Many companies, like Google, Amazon and Netflix use microservices in their applications development.

However, this development approach is not suitable for all services: the application must be complex and performs many functions.

Microservice advantage

- Flexibility.This approach makes it possible to create more accurate applications. Every part is developed independently and has its own unique functionality. Any technological stack can be easily implemented because all services are separated from each other.

- Ability to update the application in parts.

- Local violations. An error in one of the modules will not disable all the application.

Like any system, microservices have their limitations.

- Application complexity. The development of a microservice system requires more time and effort than the monolith development. It is necessary to develop several applications with its unique functionality.

- Databases. Every microservice module has its own database.

- Testing complexity.


Microservice architecture is the optimal solution: it helps respond quickly to market changes, expand and improve the functions of the online store and innovate safely. This approach gives businesses the flexibility, mobility and scalability they need.

Magento does not have any specific plans for the use of microservices, but such system can significantly improve the operation of the online store created on this platform.