We are the offical silver partners of Magento in Russia

We are the offical Magento silver partner.

Companies with the status of the silver partners of Magento have the broad experience in the e-commerce domain. These companies play the most important role in the promotion and development of Magento.

The fact that our company is the silver partner of Magento points to the Magento confidence in us and proves that we are the experts in the e—commerce domain.

What is the advantage of the official partner choice for your work on your Magento project?

Customers who choose the official Magento partners to create their own business get additionally to the finished project of their e-shops the following::

  • Guarantee of success of the project;
  • High quality of design, development and maintenance;
  • Developers’ team having the in-depth knowledge of the platform in order to successfully elaborate the complex solutions powered by Magento.

Companies with the status of the silver partner of Magento help their customers to build the successful business, have the broad experience and knowledge in the e-commerce domain including the sales growth, the attraction of new customers and increase of the e-shop profitability.

Silver partners propose their customers various additional tools to expand the e-shop functionality: tools for marketing and sale, tools for handling the payments, delivery and implementation, server integration, CRM, ERP and many others.

How to become the silver partner of Magento?

In order to get the status of the silver partner of Magento it is required to prove your experience in the e-commerce domain, show your advantage over other companies and pass a lot of inspections for compliance with the Magento quality standards.

Inspections that we have successfully passed in order to become the silver partner of Magento were the following:

  • Inspection of the code quality;
  • Inspection of the business processes;
  • Sending the Customer satisfaction questionnaires to the customers;
  • Certification of the front-end developers;
  • Certification of the back-end developers.