After the success of our conference Meet Magento Russia in autumn 2014, we began to work at the new brand development. Herein we introduce the background and results of our work.

Speaking of the conference, we prepare to hold Meet Magento Russia again as early as on October, 9. It will be announced later but the registration has already started.

To answer some of the questions about the rebranding we should say this was necessary at this stage of the company’s development.

To begin with, now our name is ASTRIO.

And there are two reasons for it.

Expanded range of services

Not so long ago our team moved to the new level. Before that our priority was mainly online shops development, but now we add to our portfolio more and more large automatic portals not relevant directly to e-commerce.

This has extended the boundaries of our professional capabilities and the previous name having “Ecommerce” in it has become restraining.

Entry into new markets

Besides broadening the web-development expertise we have also entered the Russian market. And the exact and pleasant sounding in English “Turnkey Ecommerce” is not as phonetically good in Russian.

As a result of complicated choice and several focus groups both with Russian and foreign colleagues we decided to change the company name to the more neuter ASTRIO.

We would like to ensure our customers against possible concerns.

Rebranding will not influence our efficiency and our service operations.

The old domains, e-mail and other contact channels will also be available with the respective redirect to the main resources of our company.

If you still have any questions, please, feel free to write to us.