Every hockey fan knows the brand Bauer. ASTRIO team had an objective: accept and launch another team project in few months. Fortunately, we done it.


  • Take onboard another team project
  • Prepare the site for launch
  • SAP integration, shipping and payment methods
  • Launch in a short time

Kirill Rusinov, In 2014 we had an objective to launch an original company site, which become the online store platform. We chose Magento as a CMS. The first team was working slowly. So they did only homepage and few catalog pages in almost a year. We hadn’t any technical specialist that's why the first company announced one amount, but in fact all improvements under the ToR were paid separately. We decided to change the developers team, but many agencies didn’t want to take onboard unfinished project or offered another CMS.


Kirill Rusinov, Astrio stood out from the others because they have great experience in developing on Magento and they are an accredited Magento partner in Russia. We met with CPO and future curator of our project Vyacheslav Fedorenko. We approved controversial issues and began working. The final project cost can be fixed and it will not change despite the difficulties that may arise during the implementation of tasks.

Initial Project Audit

Our team performed a full project audit:
- overall architecture audit
- site core and modules audit
- code quality checking
- profiling and performance audit

After that we estimated the work and designed the future store architecture.

Design development

We developed company identity responsive design. The site adapts to any device, while not losing speed.

SAP integration

We integrated SAP which supports multi-warehouse and works flawlessly.

Flexible products import

We imported catalog of more than 30 thousands products. Our team developed data processing algorithm. This algorithm allows transfer the products data as correctly as possible and minimize content managers participation.

And much more

- delivery service integration
- debugging payment methods
- marketing services integration
- performance optimization


Kirill Rusinov, As a result, we started work in april and completed the main project objectives in July. Given that we have more than 30,000 barcodes, SAP and transport companies integration. Developers are result - oriented and we always have an opportunity to consult and choose the best solution. So we don’t have to redo and pay extra. The project relation not just strictly on TK but as specialists making a turnkey project.

  • 500+ dav

Project team

  • Vyacheslav бизнес - аналитик

  • Ilya lead backend разработчик

  • Vladimir backend разработчик

  • Yuri frontend разработчик

  • Andrey frontend разработчик

  • Svetlana QA специалист

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