Select Interior world

Website for an international brand

Select Interior World is the website of the Austrian company SELECT Baubedarf und Handelsgesellschaft mbH. It is the home and business interior store. We have developed the website from scratch.

Some facts about Select Interior World.

Select Interior World is one of the leading interior design supplier. Online store offers the high quality furniture, modern lighting and decor. There are exclusively original products and brands in the catalog.

  • 18+ 18+ years
    on the market
  • 200К catalog of
    200K + products
  • 180+ delivery to
    180+ countries


  • Responsive design developing
  • Website versions for different countries
  • Build a platform for unlimited development

Andreas Doroshenko, Select Interior World We needed the site for company support in global reach. So we had to develop and launch the online store with extensive catalog, high speed in high loads and the ability to sell around the world. Generally we needed a platform for unlimited business expansion.


We developed the high load website with the ability to sell products around the world.

This website have the catalog of 200K+ products.

Our team stabilized the store speed by the code optimization.

We expanded store functionality and now client has an opportunity to hide prices for the part of products and open it for customer request.

Client delivers products for many countries. So our team developed the process for assign customer’s country by GEO IP and show the website version for certain user.


    IS 2.8 SECOND
  • 2+ more than 2 years
    work with astrio


  • Sergey business analyst

  • Alexander Project Manager

  • Sergey backend

  • Rodion backend

  • Yuri lead frontend

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