Lunifera - Korean cosmetics

Lunifera is a high quality online store of Korean cosmetics in Russia. They offer a selected range of products with proven effectiveness. Our team optimized the technical performance of the website. So It works stable even with increased traffic. go to website

Some facts about Lunifera.

Lunifera is one of the largest online stores of Korean cosmetics in Russia. The company offers only a first-class range of cosmetics from the most popular Korean brands. It has several retail stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

  • 70 More than 70
  • 99% satisfied
  • 8+ 8 years
    on the market


  • Take another team project
  • Stabilize the store workflow
  • To create an adaptive design
  • Support and continuous development

Elizaveta Zadorina, co-owner Lunifera Our online-store worked unstable and its capabilities were not enough for business development. So we decided to update the website version, optimize its speed and expand functionality. Also we needed to develop the adaptive design for customers who came from mobile devices.


A client had an existing website that was unstable even under light traffic. First of all, we performed a full code analysis and speed monitoring. As a result, we found and removed several unnecessary modules.

Our team fixed all the bugs and significantly improved the code for the stable work of the website.

We developed a fully responsive design of the website. It displays correctly on any devices. We also customized the store and added a number of personalization for each specific customer.

We completely redesigned the ordering process and integrated it with the “MoiSklad” functionality, online cashier and MDM bank for stable business development.


  • 1.5 conversion growth
    in 2 years
  • 11% average bill
    increased on 11%
  • 3+ 3+ years of work
    with Astrio
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