The examples of effective consulting of Magento

Imagine that your online store is thriving and bringing maximum profit? What direction would you move on?...

But if there are problems that you can't solve yourself?

Effective consulting and audit is one of the most important factors in your successful e-commerce business and it will help you to solve your company's pressing problems.

The Professionals from Astrio company are experts in this field.

We will tell you about real examples and results of our effective work with well-known companies later. In the meantime, let's decide why and when do you need consulting and technical audit of the site?

  • design of the site “from scratch"
  • accumulation of a large number of errors and bugs
  • introduction of new functionality
  • the site load is expected to increase
  • lack of website support
  • transfer the site to a new development team
  • searching solutions for old problems using new algorithms
  • deadlock situation

Our team develops a project strategy on the Magento platform, expands the site functionality, creates conditions for continuous development, implements business processes and takes your online store to a new level of online trading.

Let's learn more about how we help customers to create value in e-Commerce, and consider the following case studies.

We were contacted by a well-known pharmacy chain “Rigla " with the problem of low loading speed of the listing and product pages.

We conducted a technical analysis. It was necessary to find the reasons and indicate the directions for further optimization. A full audit of the site was carried out during the work.

Our team found that using PWA technology, not all the features of this web application were used. The page navigation mechanism did not work without a full reload (SPA). We have demonstrated the possibility of using this functionality on the site The expected results of productivity improvement are presented, as well as an approximate amount of work.


Сustomer feedback

"Good afternoon, colleagues!

We would like to thank you for your work for the audit of our online store.

Your conclusions allowed us to find weaknesses in the online store and outline a further work plan for optimizing the front part. We will also take your recommendations in terms of conducting periodic monitoring of the site using specialized software.

Implementing Your recommendations, our site has become more User-Friendly, and pages load much faster. "

Anastasia Boeva

We received a request from Inchcape. It is the world leader in distribution and retail in the premium and luxury car segment.

The situation was almost a dead end: the current site was without support, the contacts of the agent who developed this site were lost, and the management changed. Eventually, the client faced a complex problem that required the help of qualified specialists in the field of technical audit and consulting.

Our team conducted a technical analysis of the site and prepared high-quality documentation for the site. We went module by module, checked the codes, as a result restored the site architecture from third-party contractors.

“The black box” was decrypted!"

The client was satisfied and is planning to move to a new platform soon. We hope they will chose Astrio!


Сustomer feedback

"Dear colleagues, thank you for your good work.

They promptly responded to our request, conducted a deep analysis of the website's performance, and prepared high-quality documentation.

We are happy with the result and will contact you in the future."

All the best, Anton Durmanov, Lead project Manager Information systems Department of "Inchcape holding LLC Inchcape group of companies "

Meloman group is one of the largest companies in Kazakhstan.

The company encountered a situation: when they used a third-party script to calculate the dimensions of the package, the checkout page was slow to work.

Our goal was to optimize the loading speed of the checkout page.

We monitored the site, as a result, it became clear that the problem was caused by constantly calling the function for calculating package dimensions when loading the checkout page. The call to this function was optimized: the calculation was called only in one case when this method was necessary. Added caching of calculations if the number of products does not change (according to the initial conditions, the delivery cost is calculated automatically when adding an item to the cart).

As a result, the checkout page loading speed increased in 2.5 - 3 times depending on the number of products. The speed of adding an item to the cart has also increased.


Сustomer feedback

"Colleagues from Astrio,Thank you for your prompt help in optimizing the checkout page.

The result is very good.

Thanks to optimization, we were able to successfully conduct the promotion and our online store successfully withstood the increase in load in 2 times. Now the page loads quickly and does not cause waiting even on slow machines.

We will continue to optimize the remaining pages."

Vitaly Zhulev.


In order to turn an online store into a successful and profitable business, you need to consider thousand nuances. In most cases, this is only possible for qualified specialists, like Astrio Team.

  • We speed up online stores: we do performance audits, code and server optimization. It helps the business to increase the level of trust in the brand and not miss any customer.
  • We are always ready to discuss any tasks, even those that go beyond the standard solutions.
  • We guarantee the quality of our product and provide a free 1-year warranty for all projects.
  • Our company's work plan is flexible and allows you to focus on solving business problems of any complexity.