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Development of online store for the largest marketplace in Germany is the largest German marketplace selling scientific calculators and office supplies. We designed and developed a high-load project providing effective online work with more than 250 thousand B2B and B2C clients.
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Some facts about Calcuso

Calcuso is the largest online store in Langenfeld, Germany. The unique e-commerce store offers a wide choice of calculators, protective bags and school supplies. The German quality and high technology make Calcuso the most popular online store in the country. It has offices in four European countries.

  • 8+8 YEARS
  • B2B/B2C


  • Project from the scratch
  • Develop the B2B/B2C shop based on Magento
  • Launch a project in a short time

Alexander Giersz, CEO and founder of Calcuso We tried several Magento agencies for our aim to create one of the biggest online stores for school supplies. But no one understands our needs and visions more than ASTRIO. From the beginning on their programmers and directors helped us to bring our ideas to a live shop that our customers like.


Responsive design

We developed a design that fits the company style and adapts to any mobile device.

The group buying module

The group buying experience module was created and implemented. It allows the teacher to form lists of necessary items for pupils, students or their parents, as well as receive personalized discounts using a unique order code. This is a tool that makes it easier to get educational materials and saves time and money for teachers and parents.

ERP (Pixi) integration

We integrated the ERP (Pixi) module. Pixi is the system of warehouse management. It has an automatic checkout.

Personalization of the goods

You can buy something and also personalize it by choosing various types of engravings.

And much more

- Filter by brands and categories
- Elastic Search
- SEO optimization


Minimalism, efficiency, precision both in design and functionality are the main principles we were guided by working on the project for our German customer. Several months of work on the project for B2B Calcuso brand resulted in high-load service that sells scientific equipment and office supplies. We did our best to conform to the legendary German quality.

  • +1unique
  • 700hours
    of man work
  • % 100 % meet
    German quality