Group of companies Meloman

Transformation of the largest online store in Kazakhstan

The client needed to migrate existent online stores to a single platform, without loss of sales. We have done it.
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Meloman is one of the largest companies in Kazakhstan

Meloman includes 7 companies.We developed a single platform for three of them:
- Meloman - books, movies, music, household products
- Marwin - toys,products for children
- Comfort - household products, products for garden, building and renovation.

  • 30+ 30+
    years on the market
  • 50 in TOP-50 kz companies
    according to Forbes
  • >4М 4M+
    customers in year


  • Integrate into pre-built infrastructure
  • Transfer a catalog of 250K + products
  • Launch in a short time
  • Build a platform for unlimited development

Sergey Eremin, Meloman We had 3 online stores that worked on a self-written platform. Every new addition created a problem. Also the support of 3 stores costs expensive.Therefore, in 2017 we needed migration to a single platform that would allow us to manage stores centrally and unlimitedly expand functionality in the future. We chose Magento.


Responsive design

We developed a design that fits to the company style and adapts to any mobile device.

Loyalty system integration

Meloman has its own loyalty system that includes offline-card integration, bonus system, personal prices and offers. We integrated it all into online store.

Warehouses and regions

Meloman has more than 200 warehouses in 30 regions of Kazakhstan. We introduced product accounting mechanism by stocks and regions and convenient region switching for customers with geoIP support.

ERP integration

The stock of products synchronize with ERP. We realized regular synchronization mechanism and convenient interface for manager.

CRM integration

Meloman managers process orders in CRM. The synchronization occurs in real time and any changes in order synchronize with store.

Performance optimization

We made a complex work, helped in choosing hardware and optimized the system code. Our team optimized all system components: server, backend and frontend parts of site. As a result, the online-store is ready for any loads.

Unique checkout process

We developed the unique buying process that responds client’s business processes.

Brands, authors, tags

Our team developed the universal engine that helps to create any product personalities and landing pages for them.

Novelties and promotions

Manager can announce event by special functional.

Flexible recommendations

Our team introduced Retail Rocket integration. We introduced functional personalized offer in online-store.

And much more

- Blog functionality
- Flexible shipping configuration
- Email marketing integration
- Elastic Search integration
- Providers integration
- SEO-optimization


We started work in September and moved to a new platform in January. All this time the online store and company infrastructure worked in normal mode.

  • 5 months for launch
    of the project
  • 2K 2000+
    man hours
  • 0.4 average site speed
    is 0.4 second

Project developers

  • Vyacheslav business analyst

  • Sergey Project manager

  • Ilya Lead Backend developer

  • Mikhail Backend developer

  • Alexandr Backend developer

  • Ramil Lead Frontend developer

  • Stanislav Frontend developer

  • Yuri Frontend developer

  • Svetlana QA

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