Milky equipment dealer in Denmark - Milcotec

Milcotec ApS is a professional company and advisor when it comes to buying and selling milking robots and milking equipment. Astrio team created the new online-store on Magento 2 for them, fully achieved the customer's goals.

Milcotec is one of the most famous milky equipment dealer in Denmark

Milcoteс is professional team. They increase milk's quality without changing the price using their engineering developments.

  • 13+ years
    on the market
  • 50+ high skill
  • +1M selling more than 1M products
    per year

Project challenge

  • Website from scratch
  • Multivendors
  • Adaptive design
  • Launch in a short time

Dmitrijs Dementjevs, Marketing & IT of Milcotec We have searched for Magento specialists for our new store's development. We communicated with several IT-companies, but there were always nuances that did not quite suit us. After a conversation with Astrio, it became clear that these are the specialists to whom we can entrust the creating of our project. Astrio could help us with all stages of the project, from design to integration with ERP and Navision systems due to a large and well-balanced team of employees.


A client asked our team to make him a completely new Magento 2 site. We analyzed the client's business niche and started to create a new version. As a result, Astrio Team made it for several months of meticulous work.

We used the Magento multivendor's integration - it is a modern and convenient platform for administrators and sellers, designed specifically to create a marketplace with unique and adaptive design.

Also we have implemented the Navision system, which was created specifically for process control in small and medium-sized enterprises. This technology combines business solutions of ERP and CRM.


  • 4 months for launch of the project
  • 700+ dev hours
  • +1 +1 satisfied constant customer