Jewelry house "Estet"

Estet is a leader of Russian jewelry market uniting a trade house, a jewelry factory, a jewelry shop and a whole franchise chain all over Russia. It was a big and challenging project but we have managed to accomplish it. We developed not just an online shop, we created a complete representation of all company branches in the Internet.
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Project review

  • Develop the project from scratch on Magento platform
  • Integrate the ERP system in the site (200 thousand items with constant warehouse synchronization)
  • Integrate the custom order functionality
  • Create the mobile version for the website
  • Develop user-friendly interface/usability
  • Automate the affiliate program
  • Develop operational space for the franchise managers
  • HelpDesk integration with affiliate program
  • Develop brands and collections functionality
  • Implement functions for B2C and B2B departments
  • Integrate the show/hide price module for different groups of affiliates
  • Integrate the social networks features
  • Integrate the recently viewed items module
  • Integrate the customer activity log module
  • Enable the function of recommending a product to the affiliated companies
  • Integrate the module for product access restriction for different groups of affiliates
  • Develop a convenient filter for jewelry search
  • Develop the jewelry authentication function

About the Estet project

Estet is a Russian jewelry brand founded more than 20 years ago that owns the largest jewelry factory in Europe and is today’s leader in the Russian and foreign jewelry markets.
We developed not just the online shop; we created the brand representation in the Internet, optimized and improved many processes of the B2C and B2B sites. The most important goal was to enable the high-quality multifunctional communication between the managers and the affiliates, the managers and customers; to enable real- time issue solving in the B2B and B2C sectors; to tell the brand history and ensure information on the top jewelry collections within the trading site.

Examples of implementation

User-friendly interface/usability

For quick and convenient navigation the main page provides the choice between the business lines of the “Estet” trade house. You also can find required information and contact the managers for details.

Mobile version

The mobile version ensures correct reading and navigation on all iOS and Android devices.

Automated affiliate program functions

Ensures constant online communication between the franchiser and franchisees.

Managers’ operational space

This platform enables the managers to contact customers and affiliates in real time from the site’s administrative panel.

Help Desk

The help and feedback module in the affiliates section enables to get quick answers and solve the incoming issues.

Custom order module

Jewellery is rather personal and individual things. This function enables to order jewellery created by custom sketches or the jewellery from the collections personalised for specific customer’s needs.


The banners area in the online shop section provides visual detailed information on the most profitable offers.

Search filter

The detailed item filter by brands, categories, manufacturers, gemstones, materials, prices enables to select the most valuable and suitable offers for every request.


The customer can always confirm the bought jewellery authenticity. You just need to enter the figures and letters over the item barcode.


The section for media and all the interested in the “Estet” trade house. Here you can find out the latest news of the brand and the newest trends of the jewelry fashion. Such kind of a blog and online press-centre has positive effect on the conversion rate, brand loyalty and awareness.

Social networking

The social buttons enable to post the chosen items in the profiles, what additionally promotes the website in the social media and lets to discuss the purchase.

Recently viewed items

The history of recently viewed items lets the customer to retain products and several times increases the potential purchases.

Customer activity log

The manager can always view the items in the customer’s cart.

Recommended products

In the affiliate chain section the managers can recommend products and collections to the brand’s affiliate.

Product access control

In the affiliate chain section the managers can control partners’ roles and provide different access to each category. This concerns the showing/hiding of both the products and the prices.

Project team

Our certified specialists worked at this project

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