Support and development for an international brand

Togas is the world famous textile brand with a century-old history. Our team built a platform for unlimited development and implemented over 2000 improvements hours for take the online-store to a new level.

Togas is the leading home textile manufacturer

This company includes the network of boutiques, factories around the world and offices in Greece, Russia, Turkey, UAE and India. Retail network Togas has 120 boutiques and 57 individual tailoring studios.

  • 90+ years on
    the market
  • 1.7K company staff
    1700+ people
  • 3М+ 3.2M products
    per year

Project objectives

  • Build a platform for unlimited development
  • Speed improvement
  • Stabilize the store

Alexander, Togas In 2016 we needed to launch the new modern site version. The new online store had to provide brand support in entering to the new markets. So there was a task to expend the functionality of our platform. We needed to provide continuous functionality expansion and save the stability and speed.

What we done

Launch a continuous improvement process

We audited the code and store functionality. Through the constant monitoring we eliminated most errors in performance. After that our team developed the process for unlimited online-store extension.Together with Togas designers we redesigned the store. Also we integrated the site into company omnichannel strategy: multi-warehouse functionality, customer base consolidation, 1C integration, etc.


  • 41% conversion growth
    per year
  • 4+ 4 years work
    with Astrio

Project team

  • Sergey бизнес - аналитик

  • Sergey менеджер проекта

  • Alexandr lead backend разработчик

  • Mikhail backend разработчик

  • Stanislav lead frontend разработчик

  • Yuri frontend разработчик

  • Svetlana QA специалист

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