This article is about the main benefits of migration to Magento 2 and share the real project experience. This article will be interesting for online store owners and help choose the optimal eCommerce project development strategy.

The main benefits of Magento 2:

  • increased speed on the server and client side of the site;
  • usability improving from the administrator and client side;
  • technology stack upgrade;
  • full page caching;
  • advanced checkout process;
  • full code coverage with autotests.

Magento 2 speed is 25% higher for the end user and product creation accelerated by 52%. The new version of the platform is able to display up to 10 million catalog pages.

Magento 2 is the future of eCommerce and a new generation of first-class software.

Our experience

Magento 2 for Meloman

Our client had 3 online stores that worked on a self-written platform. Every new addition and support created a problem. Therefore they decided to migrate online stores to a single platform and chose Magento.

For 5 months of work our team developed a highly loaded online store and transferred catalog of more than 300k products.

For unlimited store and business development we made a lot of work:

  • design that fits the company style and adapts to any mobile device;
  • loyalty system, warehouses, ERP and CRM to online store integration;
  • site speed optimization.

As a result of migration we improved online store functionality and performance: the average site speed is 0.4 seconds. - is the largest german marketplace selling scientific calculators and office supplies.

In 2012 we developed the site from scratch and launched b2b/b2c site which is currently on support. Later the store needed the functionality expansion. Our team developed the responsive design and group purchases module (professor can create list of necessary items for students, pupils and their parents).

In 2018 we had an objective to migrate online store for more advanced platform version.

After site migration to Magento 2 we added personalization features and and filtering by brand and category. Our team also introduced the ElasticSearch full-text search engine.

Select Interior World

Select Interior World - is the home and business interior online store.

The client needed to develop a website from scratch on the Magento platform. We have created a highly loaded online store with the ability to sell products worldwide.

After some time, a significant expansion of the store’s functionality was required, so it was decided to transfer the site to Magento 2.

The new platform version made it possible to introduce the ability to hide prices for part of the goods and open them at the user's request, to develop and implement a process to determine the buyer's country by GEO IP and display the site version and price for each specific user.

BackCountry Gear

BackCountry Gear is a store of sports equipment, equipment, inventory and accessories for skiing and climbing, hiking and camping.

The client’s online store operated on Magento 1, and we had to develop a unique adaptive design, improve the interface and usability.

In 2018 the client needed expanding the functionality of the store and its migration to the more modern platform.

After migration to Magento 2 we implemented a number of improvements, introduced optimized search and blog features, improved the product basket, implemented the help section and the ElasticSearch search function, and increased the speed of the site.


Continuous development is the key to the success of any business, especially in e-commerce. It is necessary to choose the most suitable and modern platform for online-store.

Of course, the process of the site migrating is quite laborious, but the result is worth it. The new platform allowed our customers to significantly improve business processes and expand the functionality of the online store, regardless of where the transfer was made from: Magento 1 or any other platform.

Magento 2 is the optimal choice for high-load stores, and its capabilities and functionality help to satisfy both business needs and customer needs.