3D-technologies are getting more and more popular. 3D-cinema, 3D-printers, and now there are 3D-printed true-to-life photo figurines. This is what our customer 3Dyou does. For them we developed the international franchise project for scanning, processing and printing of 3D-figurines.
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Project review

  • Project on Magento Community
  • Project from scratch
  • Unique responsive design
  • Development of the company’s brand book
  • Multi-sites for different countries
  • Integration with the internal ERP-system
  • Implementation of IP location function
  • Coupon cashless payment system
  • Integration of the order counter and
    the region request counter
  • Development of 3D-products gallery
    with the cutting-edge functions
  • Development of the internal recording system
    for communication between managers and customers
  • Development of the blog section
    with responsive design
  • One-page checkout process

About the 3Dyou project

3Dyou is an international service for 3D-scanning that incorporates a vast net of scanning, modeling and printing centers for creation of memorable photo figurines.
Our team created the company’s brand book and developed the 3Dyou franchising multi-site portal
including the website for customers and the website for partners of different types which are controlled with the same administrator panel.

Examples of implementation

Customer website

We developed the interface and functions of the customer website where you can find all the required information on the 3D-scanning process and creation of the memorable photo-figurines.

Partner website

We developed the interface and functions of the partner website. The site contains the information on the brand franchising and is a platform for communication between the customers and the franchisee representatives.

Responsive design

All website sections have unique responsive design which ensures easy reading and navigation on all modern mobile devices and displays with any screen-resolution.

Brand book

We designed the 3Dyou brand book which describes the brand’s concept and attributes, the company positioning and other data required for successful launch in the online market.

Checkout process

The simplified one-page checkout process enables to buy a product much faster.

Gift cards

The shop features an integrated system of gift cards cashless payment. With the automatically generated unique code of the card the customer can pay the full cost of the purchase.

IP geolocation

Development of the IP geolocation function for automatic displaying of the nearest scanning centres.

Advanced statistics on orders and requests

The partner website features the visitors’ and customers' statistics function that collects and analyses automatically the data from different sources, including Google Analytics, the internal ERP-system and the website database. The statistics block also provides geo-information about the specific regions on the basis of the visitor’s IP-data.


The photo section helps the potential customers to become better acquainted with the 3Dyou products. This increases the brand loyalty and the amount of orders.


Along with the gallery, the news and information blog on the website improves the shop image and the customers’ loyalty.

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