Kitchen Heaven

Kitchen Heaven is a Canadian store for kitchenware and cookware including high-quality everyday utensils and unique premium segment. We developed this project from scratch introducing unique responsive design and up-to-date functions.
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Project review

  • Develop the online-shop on Magento Community
  • Integrate the page of alphabetic brand catalogue
  • Migration from QuickCart to Magento
  • Develop unique responsive design
  • Develop convenient interface/usability
  • Integrate the shop with the Profitek ERP system
  • Develop the online return system
  • Improve the standard checkout page
  • Develop the store location page
  • Develop the Gift cards section
  • Integrate the Sphinx search engine
  • Improve the item page
  • Introduce the “Product Question” option

About the Kitchen Heaven project

Kitchen Heaven is a Canadian kitchenware and cookware store. The store offers high quality products of the leading European, Japanese and North American brands of kitchen supplies.
We have performed great work on this project: we transferred completely the shop to the more powerful platform, developed new unique design and improved functionality by adding many features useful for online trading.

Examples of implementation

Responsive design

The website unique design ensures easy reading and navigation on all mobile devices.

User-friendly interface/usability

Convenient navigation enables to find quickly the products you need. The drop down menu shows all the categories and brands at once.

Claim management

The Track Order section provides up-to-date order information and enables to receive return requests.

Product page

We improved the product page with the non-standard table of color and amount choice.

Checkout page

One-page checkout enables to buy and pay for the order in a few clicks.

Product Question

This function enables to discuss the product on its page. You can ask any questions on the product and get the answers.

Sphinx Full-Text Search

The Sphinx engine features high indexation speed enabling to optimize the whole search process with maximum efficiency.

Store location

The personalized page with contact details not only provides information on the contacts and work hours, but also shows the location of all the brand stores.

Brands catalogue

The list of all the brands in the store makes it simpler to find and choose the products you need.


Our certified specialists worked at this project

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